We have lots of "black money" in form of bank accounts, credit cards, paypal accounts... And we need to get rid of it...


Most of the times, our customers asked us how to cash out these bank accounts, credit cards, paypal

accounts... and we spent lots of time, trying to explain them. But sadly, our customers did not understand how to do it, or they got frightened... So we were never able to get rid of all the "material"


Some customers did not even know what a bitcoin is, and were asking us to pay via paypal, or bank

transaction... So we've decided to cash out the accounts ourself  and send the money to you using bitcoins!




You make the payment YOU WANT (minimum 0.0072 BTC) to this address:

and we double it for you!


Imagine you pay 0.04 BTC, you will be paid back 0.08 BTC!

0.01 BTC? You will be paid back 0.02 BTC!

0.02 BTC? You will be paid back 0.04 BTC!




-Hmmmm… that sounds stupid to me… if you cash out your accounts why you don’t just keep your money instead of sending it to other people?


You are right except for one thing. To cash out this accounts costs us money… We can’t cash out these accounts until we are sure you want it, and you pay for it. Then we use your money to cash out the accounts and double your money!


We have lots of accounts with lots of different balances so don’t worry about a maximum quantity to double. The only thing we have is a minimum payment of 0.0072 BTC which is the average price to cash out the accounts.




Just send us an e-mail to doubleyourbtc@mail2tor.com  


IMPORTANT: When you make the payment, send us an e-mail to doubleyourbtc@mail2tor.com with your bitcoin wallet adress and the amount you transfered. As soon as the money arrives to our wallet we will pay you back twice your amount!